30 Days of SELF – Day 3

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Day 3:  Today’s SELF –


Seek out knowledge.  This could be something for your job.  Maybe you need to take an application training.  Or go outside your wheelhouse to learn the etymology of a word or phrase.  It can be very interesting and quite insightful to learn the history or origin of a word or phrase.

Excel budgeting!  The best and easiest tool to use for your weekly or monthly spending plan.  I use Excel for my checkbook so that I can assign a category to every income and expense.  The data can then be used to create a pivot table to see how much has been contributed to each category.  This can help you find the leaks in your monthly budget.

Live one day at a time. You can look back to understand and learn from an experience.  You can plan out goals to change your future.  However, each day that you wake up, enjoy the morning.  Take it all in – the smell of your coffee, the quiet, a book, anything.  Appreciate another day!

Fight the negativity in your life.  Maybe it is procrastination.  Maybe it is a certain person that never brings joy, only sourness.  Fight the urge to spend any money for the next week.  Fight for what you want to change in your life!


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