30 Days of SELF – Day 4

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Day 4


Today’s SELF has a consistent them.  Focusing on your current self saving more money now so that your future self will have more money!


Have you checked your savings account or retirement account this year?  The beginning of the new year is a good time to evaluate your savings rate.  Can you increase your retirement contribution by 1%?  Maybe 2%?  Every little bit adds up over time!

Do not make excuses!  If you are telling yourself, “Once I pay off this, then I will save more,” then you are lying.  Do not wait.  Do it now.  I bet if you make a 1% increase to your savings rate, you will never miss it.

What can you do LESS of to improve your daily life?  What can you spend LESS on to improve your net worth? Consider not accepting every meeting request.  Block your calendar for you to get some of your own tasks knocked out.  Consider your weekend time.  So many people fill it up in order to catch up on errands they could not take care of during the week.  Grocery shopping is a great example.  Today, most grocery stores offer curbside delivery for a $5 charge.  OR some offer curbside delivery for FREE if you order at least 24 hours in advance.  By taking the time a day or two before the weekend to place your grocery order online, you can pick it up for free.  By doing this, you can choose how to spend the extra hour of your personal time for something that brings you joy instead of time spent walking up and down the grocery isles buying things you do not need.

Frugality!!!!  This sums up all of today’s SELF topics.  Be extra frugal when grocery planning and only plan your meals around what is on sale.  Be frugal and cut some coupons.  Take the time to save another $5.  Be frugal and commit to eating all meals from your home.  Frozen dinners, sandwiches, leftovers….

Your SELF will love you for it!

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