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Today, I listened to Jean Chatzky’s HerMoney podcast – Episode 194 – How To Be More Productive More Than Ever In 2020. She interviewed Julie Morgenstern who shared tools anyone can use to become more productive to improve your job, land a new job, or start a hobby.  She also talked about how renewing and recharging yourself can be really helpful, even empowering.  Additionally, self care and the pursuit of hobbies and passions are so important to leading a fulfilling life.  She stressed the importance of sleep, exercise, love, and fun. SELF


I like the acronym because it helps to make it easy to remember and to remind myself to do these things.  I also like it because I can change it up with different words to continue to inspire myself to promote self wellness and self awareness.   Some others that come to mind are:

Save – Educate – Less – Find

SMART – Excel – Live – Future

So today, I hope you will be inspired to try something new for your SELF.



If you would like to listen to the mentioned podcast, copy and past the link below.  I encourage you to check out all of the HerMoney podcasts!


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