30 Days of SELF – Day 5

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Day 5






What does Savvy mean?  The definition is shrewdness, to have practical knowledge and the ability to make good judgements.  What can you do to be more savvy?  Read a few personal finance blogs.  Check out the FIRE movement! Talk about shrewd!  They are killing it!


Evaluate your daily expenses.  Not just what you spend with money, but how you spend your time.  Can you organize your time to make better use of it?  Just like in your budget, can you plug the leaks?  Remember, “Our greatest currency is our time and we cannot save it.  Spend it wisely and never waste another’s or your own time.”


Leaks – commit to plugging the leaks in your budget.  Take the time to look back at your spending the previous month or two and compare it to what you think you should spend each month.  Did you forget something?  Maybe the annual dog visit?  Maybe personal care such as haircut?  Plug the Leaks!


Follow a blog that inspires you.  Subscribe to the weekly or monthly newsletter and continue to stay motivated to reach your goals.


Good luck!!

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