Welcome to the Centsibly Savvy blog!

I am here to learn as well as to share knowledge about personal finance. This includes but not limited to savings, budgeting, and investing. Through my own trials and misjudgments, reworking my budget over and over, reading finance books and blogs, and committing to goal setting, I’ve made progress in my understanding and application of how money works. My goal is to obtain financial freedom. I believe by sharing real life wins and losses with each other, this blog can be educational, informative, motivating and inspiring.

For me, acquiring financial freedom is a long term goal. I think everyone should have both short term and long term goals.  By having short term goals such as paying off debt and setting small savings and investing goals, long term goals can be met.  Financial freedom can have many definitions.  Whether your freedom comes from paying off your house, saving $XXX for retirement, or endless travel, these all require the same necessity of money.  In order to reach these goals, money has to be saved or invested one way or another.  My hope is that we can all share lessons learned, thoughts, tips, and each other’s successes so that we all reach our goals.

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Cent$ibly Savvy – Stacy